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Loch Lomond Golf Course

Working with Tom Weiskopf and the SNH, then called the Nature Conservancy Council, Astell Associates carried out woodland surveys, environmental assessments, visual assessments and liaised with the design team and Planing Department to produce a route for the18 hole golf course, driving practise range and access driveways.

The proposed golf course had three SSSIs associated with it. The deer park had ancient Oak, Horse Chestnut and Scots Pine, with lichen and moss association on their trunks, and was the larger of the SSSIs. The Ann Burn and River Fruin had the unique Loch Lomond Dock growing at their convergence with Loch Lomond was an area of Willow and Alder Carr with associated wetland flora.

Astell Associates carried out vegetation surveys and woodland surveys, and these were used to plan the position of tees and greens and the orientation of the different fairways.

The result is a golf course that has retained the natural history of the area, surrounded by veteran trees and ancient woodlands whicha re still mainly untouched. Management proposals have retained and enhanced the biodiversity of the area, whilst incorporating the the golf course and its greens and faiarways, with little prolonged environmental damage.

Environmental restoration and remediation was needed in some areas, with species being relocated where necessary.