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Belton Woods - Lincolnshire

This project involved the siting of lodges on the edge of a golf course, with an associated access road and car parking.

South Kesteven Planning Department were concerned about views from various locations around Grantham, and the loss of trees in the area in general.

Astell Associates conducted a tree survey and assessment, from which areas of woodland were found with little importance to wildlife (exotic Poplar areas) and in these areas, lodges, roads and car parks were created. Management proposals were implemented that removed the area of Poplar and thinned the remaining Poplar, replanting with local and indigenous tree and shrub species. The oakwood was protected and not affected by the development proposals.

Lodges were to be built on a south facing slope on the edge of Belton Woods Golf Course. The planning department were concerned that views from Belmont Tower (National Trust) and some roads around Grantham would show that the lodges were too prominent and hence too intrusive on the environment.

Astell Associates carried out visual assessments and produced photomontages that demonstrated the views of the areas of concern. Three dimensional imaging was used to build up proposed lodges and their landscaping. These images clearly demonstrated that the lodges would not be too intrusive in the environment.

The woodland survey was used to design tree protection and the environmental assessment highlighted the two badger setts which could then be protected by ensuring that no development occurred within or near this sensitive area. Following development of the first two lodge phases, the badgers still occupy their two setts and are a continuing source of pleasure to many people who watch them in the evenings.