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Slaley Hall - Newcastle

Existing planning had been given some years before for new houses on a north facing slope looking over to Slaley Village.

A spruce woodland bordered the site to the west. The local parish council had difficulty with the existing proposals due to the visibilitiy from the north. The proposed units were spread out, individual plots that gave a suburban feel to the proposal.

Astell Associates carried out an environmental appraisal and visual impact study. Reports were produced that highlighted the need to create the individual units behind contoured, tree planted mounds, to break up their outlines and to reduce their visual impact. Further developments were to be grouped together, with larger areas of natural vegetation between them. This would break up the old uniformity, produce an interesting design and reduce the suburban look.

Hedgerow planting would further soften the area and the future views would be of a tree an shrub covered hillside with occassional views of houses. Following discussions with the local authority and Slaley Parish Council, these Planning and Environmental proposals were agreed and implemented.